The all-in-one serverless backend infrastructure
of your dreams

Sentrei combines the cutting-edge serverless technology with a global database infrastructure. We abstract away the boilerplate to provide the best developer experience. We aim to do much better, how developers deserve in 2020.

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Hoping to empower developers all around the globe

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Lightspeed at your fingertips

Deploy your entire backend + frontend to the edge in seconds. Develop locally, preview on the cloud, and deploy to production with confidence. All with batteries included.

1.   Develop with confidence

We aim to provide the finest developer experience. We provide a dedicated dev environment in the cloud, so that everything is managed perfectly. Transition seamlessly from dev to prod.

Built-in authentication
Nothing new. All batteries included.
Custom developing environment in the cloud
Develop locally while on the cloud.
Developer friendly interface
We are obsessed with providing the best possible developer experience.

2.   Preview on the cloud

No more hustle to manage your own preview environment. Integrate seamlessly with your development flow that follows your best practices. Develop blazing fast, like 2020.

Custom preview domain
Sweet. It's 2020. This should be the norm.
Dedicated security features
We do not comprimise with security.
Seamless integration with CI/CD
Deploy your entire backend infrastructure through code.

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This pull request is being automatically deployed with Sentrei. To see the status of your deployment, click below:
🔍 Inspect: https://sentrei.com/shunkakinoki/website/krgj1n5
💅 Frontend: https://awesome-new-feature.sentrei.app
📊 Backend: https://preview.sentrei.app

3.   Deploy instantly around the globe

The entire infrastructure sits on the edge. The database and serverless functions are distributed accross data centers all accross the globe. To put it simply, it works like magic.

Blazing fast, at scale
Infinitely scalabe infrastructure from zero to beyond.
Edge computing around the globe
Deploy to the edge in over 200 data centers around the world.
Zero cold starts
Cold starts will be a thing of the past.

Our mission

Accelerating the transition to the edge

We believe the future lies in the edge. We want to provide an instant backend infrastructure that lives near everyone in the world.

Scale infinitely
Think globally from the start. Never worry about the underlying infrastructure. We take care of the rest.
No hidden fees
You only get for what you use. We also provide a generous free tier for all developers to try out.
Blazing fast
We are obsessed with performance, for both the customer and developer.
Dedicated analytics
Get insight on what you use. Built-in analytics features on the backend.
Built-in authentication
Make use of built-in authentication system that integrates seamlessly with the underlying backend infrastructure.
Distributed database
We are powered by a cross region sub-second scalable database with automatic failure recovery.

Global Infrastructure

Deploy globally in seconds

We utilize the cutting-edge serverless technology with Cloudflare Workers and a global database infrastructure with Amazon Aurora to deploy your entire stack in seconds.


Strength in numbers

Setting the standard

We hope to empower developers all around the world through providing a one-stop solution for an infinitely scalable backend infrastructure - without the hassle.

Database regions
Edge data centers
Function cold starts
0 sec.


Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to ask us about anything!

We are currently targeting for March 2021! Subscribe to the newsletter for further information!

Yes, we are planning our core offering to be fully open source. We heavily support and believe in open source for the future of the world.

Absolutely! We are currently planning to be completely free forever for all personal use-cases.

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